You've had the idea, you have done the research, and now you're ready to develop a solution. 



The key aim of Autism CRC is to translate our research into products and interventions which can make a practical difference in the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum. The Hackathon provides a unique opportunity for CRC project teams to fast track the translation process with the support of experts in a range of fields.



The three-day event will bring together CRC researchers to develop evidence-based research into an app prototype.  The event is open to CRC researchers with project proposals demonstrating research outputs that can be translated into an app and meet a need within the autism community. The research must also address Autism CRC program objectives and milestones.



Applications on 15 July for submission by 12 August 2016. 

Applications have closed and 5 projects have been selected:

  • SpeakSoon, led by Dr David Trembath, Griffith University
  • Resilience, led by Dr Ian Shochet , Queensland University of Technology
  • Peer Mentoring, led by Dr Sonya Girdler, Curtin University
  • ACT Therapy, led by Cindy Nicollet, QCIDD, University of Queensland
  • BOOST-A, led by Megan Hatfield, Curtin University

Each Hackathon team will be supported with a Salesforce team along with autistic adults, project managers, business analysts, app creative professionals and commercialisation experts to help deliver a prototype. 

One team’s prototype will be awarded $25,000 for further development of the app.