5 Ideas to Hack

Wojciech Nadachowski, Autism CRC

When we launched apps4autism, we received a number of applications. It was hard to choose between them with some very novel ideas.  The projects were assessed in their capacity to be innovative, transformative, meeting a community need, the project's ability for a technological solution, the capacity to inform research, as well as its uniqueness. 

Autism CRC have selected 5, here they are:

  • SpeakSoon, led by Dr David Trembath, Griffith University
  • Resilience, led by Dr Ian Schochet, Queensland University of Technology
  • Peer Mentoring, led by Dr Sonya Girdler, Curtin University
  • ACT Therapy, led by Cindy Nicollet, QCIDD, University of Queensland
  • BOOST-A, led by Megan Hatfield, Curtin University