Cooperative Research Centre for Living with Autism (Autism CRC)

Autism CRC is the world’s first national, cooperative research effort focused on autism. We are taking a whole of life approach to autism focusing on diagnosis, education and adult life. 


Our Vision

To transform the lives of people living with autism across their lifespan through end-user driven research. 


Our Mission

To build a self-sustaining, collaborative venture that facilitates world-class research focused on diagnosis and best-practice lifetime interventions, underpinned by a commitment to inclusive research practices and ultimately enhancing the lives of those living with autism. 


Our Goals

Autism CRC's three core research programs support our whole-of-life approach to autism, focusing on improving diagnosis, educational outcomes and participation of adults on the spectrum in society.

We aim to:

  • Harness existing knowledge of autism to ensure early and accurate diagnosis, and use breakthroughs in biological research to identify subtypes of autism and the most effective interventions for these;
  • Provide autism appropriate educational environments and programs that optimise students’ social, behavioural and academic success, and equip teachers to manage even the most complex behaviours; and
  • Improve opportunities for people on the autism spectrum to successfully transition to post school life, participate in higher education and employment, and experience improved mental health and wellbeing.


A unique mix of partnerships

Autism CRC is a unique collaboration which brings together world class researchers and the autistic community to provide practical solutions for government, service providers, education and health professionals, families and people on the spectrum.

As one of the Federal Government’s Cooperative Research Centres, we are funded by a mix of Government, University and Industry funding. With your help we can make an even bigger difference for people with autism.

The Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Programme supports industry led, end-user driven research collaborations to address major challenges facing Australia. Australia's network of CRCs operate across all sectors of Australia's economy and society. Further information about the CRC programme is available at