WHo & WHy

You are a parent or a carer of a person on the spectrum and know we need better solutions.


You may be a health care practitioner, clinician or educator and you're passionate about the need for change.  


By taking part in apps4autism, you will join a team that will build an app prototype. Your experience, knowledge and insights will be invaluable in the co-design and co-production of these apps.  

To register your interest, you can fill out an Expression of Interest survey by 9am, 24 October, 2016.  Access the survey by clicking here. You can start, save and continue your survey at any time.

Please email hackathon@autismcrc.com.au if you would like more information.


why would i participate?

As a parent, carer or partner of a person on the spectrum you are a community User Experience (UX) expert. You will be advising as to whether what is being developed is relevant to, and appropriate for parents and carers of people on the spectrum.

As a health care practitioner, clinician or educator, you are community User Experience (UX) expert. You will be advising as to whether what is being developed is relevant to, and appropriate for professionals working with people on the autism spectrum.


What would i be doing?

You will be working with a team of hackers and researchers to give your opinion on the apps they are creating. For example, you might test the app and give your opinion on content, the user interface design, look and feel and text used.


what skills do i need?

You will need to be familiar with using apps and websites, either on a computer, tablet or smartphone.  You will also need to provide verbal and/or written feedback on the proposed app. 



It will be expected that the Researchers and Developers will work from 6.00pm to 9.00pm Monday, 8.30am to 5.00pm Tuesday, and 8.30am to 4pm Wednesday. 

How much or how little you participate will be negotiated with you according to your availability and the needs of the project team you are working with.  You may not need to be at the venue the whole time. 

Please indicate your availability on your Expression of Interest Form.



Hackathons can be noisy as there are lots of people (there is likely to be around 40 people spread across 5-6 teams in the same room).  

We will provide a chill out zone specifically designed for people on the spectrum which you are also welcome to use whenever you like.  In the chill out zone we will have sensory objects and ear plugs available, as well as beanbags for relaxation. 

As a lot of work needs to be done in a short time at a hackathon, decisions need to be made quickly.  Sometimes not all people will agree and there may not be time to discuss things in detail. The Team Leader will make the final decision.  

*Please note if you take part in this event you agree that photos or video that may include your image may be used for promotional purposes.  This includes, but is not limited to: social media, media, website brochures/marketing materials or email marketing.



The proposed apps target users across the lifespan, including adults on the spectrum, parents of children on the spectrum and professionals. We will use the information you provide in the Expression of Interest to match your experience and desires to a project.  

Once we have matched people to a project, we will give them as much information as possible.  This will include introductions to other people on the team.


what will be provided?

Please bring your preferred technology device, such as a laptop, iPad or mobile phone. If you do not have a device, please let us know and we can provide equipment you may need to participate.

We will provide finger food on the Monday night, morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday.  

Dietary requirements, such as dairy and/or gluten free can be accommodated. 


What should i wear?

Hackathons are not formal events. You should dress casually and in comfortable clothes and shoes e.g. jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers. 



If you want more information, please email the organisers at hackathon@autismcrc.com.au.